The Giant's Causeway Coast and Glens, Culture, Castles and Folk Experience

On this spectacular tour you’ll visit and explore the world famous Glen’s of Antrim. You’ll not only visit the best viewpoints on the coast including the Giant’s Causeway and the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge you’ll also discover the people and culture of the Glens with the glen’s people themselves.

You’ll discover how these ancient people lived down through the centuries and you’ll also have hands on experience on collecting food from the beaches and distilling moonshine from the land. You’ll have the best Irish Coffee in Ireland at a haunted castle and also visit the ancient sites of the fairy people and learn their ways with an expert and also speak the language of the Glen’s too.

This is a unique tour experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime and you’ll be taking some Irish luck back home with you as well as photographs and memories of that special day when you not only visited Ireland but met and formed friendships with the people of the Glens too!

Experience the people and culture of the Glen’s of Antrim on this Unique All Day Tour

This exclusive unique tour takes you to all the best sights and experiences on the North Antrim Coast and much more. From an ancient and haunted castles to the world-famous UNESCO site the Giant’s Causeway you’ll be travelling with an expert and qualified professional tour guide. This tour has been rated a 5-star experience by travellers from across the world. You will visit and encounter places and people away from the tourist trails and learn of the history and culture of Ireland too including visits to the places of the fairy folk and their wishing trees. The tour stops include quaint harbours and dark places featured in the Game of Thrones TV productions and also ancient, haunted Friary’s as well as spectacular viewpoints across the coast to Scotland and Donegal. You will visit the haunting and mysterious Loughreema (the Disappearing Lake) and travel down the stunning Glens of Antrim passing through old Irish villages trapped in time. This is an unique tour experience by an expert Irish historian.

This exclusive 5 Star tour, validated by academics and hundreds of satisfied customers alike, takes you to unique attractions not covered by other tours and we will pick you up and return you to your hotel or cruise ship in a luxury Air-Conditioned, Mercedes Taxi-Bus. 


You will be met at your Cruise Ship or Hotel and transported to the major sites of interest on Northern Ireland’s North Coast and Glens.

You will first be transported to the North Antrim Coast and view the Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge including its ancient castles and monuments.

You’ll then travel down the old Coast Road visiting the many pretty villages along the way before having real Irish Stew in an old Irish cottage set in the Glen’s of Antrim and hear the story of the Glens from its ancestral owner.

You’ll then learn how the old Moonshine of the Glens was made and you’ll have a chance to taste some of the fine Poteen blends that has been flowing in the Glens for hundreds of years.
In the afternoon you’ll collect and sample the best of Irish seafoods and visit a real fairy fort set beside a beautiful waterfall before having afternoon coffee in a haunted castle.

You’ll finish your unique tour by being presented with a special Irish memento of your visit to Ireland and its Glens.