Belfast Darkside Walking  Tours and Stories for Xmas

Join us on our sell out tours of the dark history of Old Belfast and learn it’s dark secrets

Join us at the Gin Room at the Jailhouse  this Christmas  for a traditional  Irish horror story followed by a tour of the haunted places  of old Belfast’s streets, entries and lanes.

Murders, Massacres and Millionaires the Incredible Dark History of Belfast is a two hour walking tour of the terrible yet terrific history of Belfast with award winning author and historian Francis Higgins

Join us in the Oyster Rooms at Whites’s Tavern  for an Irish horror story followed by a real ghost tour around the haunted street’s entries and lanes of old Belfast with the BelfastLad.

Reviews by our Customers

“Its a real spooky tour around the streets with Frank and you don’t know what’s around the next corner. We give it 10 out of 10 for entertainment and a great night out too!”

Julie from Newtownards

“The ghost story and tour where we discovered real ghosts was brilliant!  White’s Tavern is a great place for these events and I can’t wait until the next story and tour comes up.”

Sasha from Belfast

“OK so I didn’t believe in ghosts until I went on BelfastLad’s tour. You seen for yourself the outline of ghosts in real time using special ghost hunting equipment in places in Belfast that I walk by every day.  I needed a stiff drink after this one!!!”

Andrew from Larne

£17.50 for a real Irish Ghost Story and Paranormal Tour at White’s Tavern in Belfast

The events last up to two and a half hours and you’ll never walk the streets of Belfast the same way ever again!

The Irish Ghost Story takes place in the Oyster Rooms of Whites Tavern at 7pm followed by a Paranormal tour

Rain or Shine you’ll walk in the footsteps of the dead………….