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‘You Could Die Laughing’ Growing Up in Troubled Belfast

Non-Fiction, Fiction and Illustrations

With an introduction by an Irish Republican and a forward by US Academics this third book by Francis Higgins tells the terrible and funny story of his childhood during the Troubles.  From shootings to bombings, riots, Priests, Protestants and everything in-between this is the real story of the Troubles by someone who was there and occasionally took part. “Don’t buy this unless you have a heart and a sense of humour!”


Religion, Riots & Rebels the Incredible History of Brown’s Square

Non-Fiction, Fiction and Illustrations

Professor Ramos of Loyola Marymount University LA provides the forward to this history of the oldest residential square in Belfast’s long history.  Once a place of sectarian conflict the area has witnessed two world wars, riots, bombs, shootings and the birth of the author Francis Higgins.  Now an award winning author Francis details the history of the area from the Elizabethan age to the Peace Process this history is the story of Belfast as told through the prisim of an area that is now representative of the success of cross community peace and reconcilliation. Price £25 plus Postage and Packaging