Black Taxi belfast peaceline tour

Discover the real history of the Peacewalls of Belfast in the company of a historian and ex British Soldier

The end of the Northern Ireland ‘Troubles’ made headline news around the world in 1998 with the signing of the Good Friday Agreement. The Agreement in principle has held for almost a quarter of a century yet it remains a fragile peace with the political aspirations of both opposing factions (Unionism and Nationalism/Republicanism) still as far apart as ever. This tour tells the story of the political and violent struggles that both created partition and the societal conditions that caused the ‘Troubles. ‘ This is a hard-hitting tour that covers some of the worst crimes and atrocities that were perpetrated by both sides and also offers insights into how the final political chapters of this long lasting conflict will end.
The tour is undertaken by a qualified teacher, author and lecturer in Irish history and includes first-hand accounts of the killings, murders, and bombings of an inter-community conflict that has been ongoing for over 250 years. The tour is guided by an expert in the field of Conflict.


-General Sightseeing Tour of Belfast City
– Stormont Buildings (the Partition and Government of Ireland)
-Peacewalls (East and West Belfast)
-Cupar Way Peacewall (the creation of the walls 1969-2021)
-The International Mural Wall (Historical Negationism)
-The Violence of the ‘Troubles’
-The End of the ‘Troubles’ (Ceasefires and the UVF/IRA)
-The Good Friday Agreement
-Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol