the 1798 rebellion in belfast experience

Walk in the Footsteps of the Rebels of the 1798 Rebellion in Belfast Town with a Irish Historian and Expert

Belfast was the most rebel part of Ireland as the European Enlightenment reached Ireland in the late 18th Century.  Belfast’s citizens celebrated the American revoluntionaries fighting for independence in 1776 and the fall of the Bastille in 1789.  Belfast’s revolutionaries began to organise in and around the old streets and entries surrounding Rosemary Lane and met in secret when peaceful consitiutional change was blocked at the Thatched Tavern before inviting a young Protestant Dublin Lawyer called Wolff Tone to create a secret oath of revolution.  Our tour will take you to to the secret locations of where this new movement called the United Irishmen lived, met, were imprisoned, executed and buried.  Meet us at White’s Tavern in old Winetavern Entry for a unique tour in the company of Francis Higgins the author of ‘Religion, Rebels and Riots’ the history of how and where the United Irishmen began at the Four Corners, Brown’s Square and Peter’s Hill.


-The Entries of Belfast and Revolution

-A Grand Idea the United Irishmen at Rosemary Lane

– A Sackful of Musket Balls and Pikes

– The Intelligence War in 98

– A man Stepped Out for Death

– June 1798

– A Revolution Betrayed

– Henry and Jemmy

– The Assembly Building

– Poor Harry

– The Patriot Dead